Undercoat Protection

Martensville roads and weather conditions are hard on your vehicle. Add deep puddles, potholes, loose gravel or sharp ice and any road can wreak havoc on your vehicle's undercarriage.

Specially formulated to preserve a car's most vulnerable, high-impact areas. Undercoat seals out moisture and protects against road salt. Being pliable, it won't crack, peel or chip. Plus like a blanket, it helps insulate against extreme temperatures as well as dampens road noise and vibrations. With undercoat you get a quieter ride while your vehicles undercarriage is protected from moisture and debris.

Our undercoat comes with a life-time warranty against peeling or chipping.

Whether your looking at protecting your investment or covering up unsightly rust, undercoat applied by our full trained experts is an excellent choice for all vehicles both new and used.