Premier Auto Detailing in Saskatoon

Chances are if you are a car enthusiast, you are also somewhat of a perfectionist. A ultra clean vehicle is a dream for most people so being able to realize that dream comes with responsibilities. At Auto Salon Car Detail we get that, and that is why when you want your car to look its very best you need to call us.

Our premium auto detailing service goes far and beyond what is offered by other garages in Saskatoon. Our exterior and interior detailing service is more than just the vacuuming and wet rag job that passes for a detailing in other garages. We take what we do very seriously so you can rest assured knowing that when you invest in Auto Salon Car Detail, we will invest in you and your vehicle.

As Good as New

If you want your Saskatoon vehicle to look as good as new then you need to call the auto detailing shop you can trust. At Auto Salon Car Detail we always strive to be the best. This means having the best workmanship, equipment and customer service. The attention that we pay to our auto detailing services will leave your vehicle looking its absolute best, both inside and out. Our professionals use cutting-edge cleaning tools to rid your vehicle of dirt, grime and dust. This not only keeps your car looking better for longer, but also goes a long way to increasing its resale value should that time come.

What Our Award-Winning Detailing Service Includes

To achieve a thorough auto detailing service it is necessary to cover all aspects of your car. This includes paint, chassis and wheels. At Auto Salon Car Detail we cover every aspect to the highest possible level. This includes the highest possible:

Paint Care: The paint on a vehicle is a very delicate thing and needs to be treated as such. This means cleaning, correcting and protecting the paint’s surface. The approach that we use at Auto Salon Car Detail is unrivalled and guaranteed to leave your vehicle looking its best. As the name suggests, the cleaning stage of the paint care job consists of a deep clean of the exterior of the vehicle to remove any dirt or stains. This is followed up with the correcting stage, which involves a bug removal, tar removal and clay bar that rids the paint of any contaminants. Finally, the paint care process is completed by sealing the job with a fine wax finish.

Chassis and Wheels: A common misconception exists that the undercarriage of a vehicle does not require the same level of care afforded to other more visible parts of the car. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We thoroughly wash every aspect of the undercarriage and wheels including the wells, suspension components and plastic splash guards. The entire area can then have a durable protecting layer applied that keeps your vehicle looking its best for as long as possible. Nobody likes their chrome to look dull and pitted. That's why with our premium detailing service we include an acid wash of your chrome to ensure that all salt, break dust and road grime are removed from your rims. After the washing process we hand wax the chrome to ensure that it keeps looking shiny and to protect against further pitting.